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About us

OpenStax Poland textbooks are created in close editorial cooperation with the teaching and research experts of the best Polish universities. The development team builds apps facilitating the use of textbooks,  the communication and market research team ensure that the information about free OpenStax textbooks reaches every student and lecturer in Poland.

We publish free texbooks

OpenStax Poland publishes free, peer-reviewed academic textbooks to lower the education costs for students. We work towards removing barriers in education and popularizing the access to proven sources of knowledge on the Internet. OpenStax Poland began in 2015 as part of the Katalyst Education’s project, a non-profit social initiative incubator. In 2018, we published three volumes of ‘College Physics’ becoming the first organization in the world to publish OpenStax textbook in a language other than English. In the same year OpenStax Poland became an independent foundation. We are a non-profit organization, and we measure our success based on students’ savings. Textbooks published have already helped Polish students to save 63 million PLN.

We develop educational software

Alongside publishing activities we implement programming projects. We focus on delivering solutions so that users of OpenStax textbooks, both in Polish and in English, gain access to the user-friendly and high-quality textbooks. Through the use of agile management methodologies we constantly develop the application. Decisions regarding products are based on our business principles, supported by data analysis and user feedback.